SuperTokens core threw an error for a POST request to path: /recipe/signup with status code: 500 and message: Internal Error

This error can be caused by attempting to create and manage user accounts while using MongoDB as the database for SuperTokens. Unfortunately, SuperTokens can only use MongoDB as the backend database for session management. To fix this error, you’ll have to use a different database like MySQL. I discovered this error while working on the … Read more

SuperTokens: Cannot use useSessionContext outside auth wrapper components

The SuperTokens error “Uncaught Error: Cannot use useSessionContext outside auth wrapper components” is caused by trying to use useSessionContext outside the SuperTokensWrapper component. To fix this, refactor your code so that all components that need to use useSessionContext are located within the SuperTokensWrapper tags. This error was discovered while I was working on the SuperTokens … Read more

Full-Stack Example: Secure your FastAPI / React app with SuperTokens

The code for this article is a template repository on GitHub, and can be found here: Feel free to use it as a starting point for your own apps. SuperTokens is an open source authentication solution for the apps you build. You might be interested in something like SuperTokens if: If any of that … Read more